Process Mining

With the growing competition, changing technologies, increasing data and many processes in a business, it is imperative that a business process is functional without any friction, to make accurate decisions, to progress significantly, and to run smoothly. This is where process mining comes into the picture.

At Innowise, we provide process mining services using Celinos. Celinos is the world's most powerful process mining technology, which helps to connect, discover, enhance, and monitor your processes for frictionless operation. The Intelligent Business Cloud lets you visualize your business processes like never before and transform them into extraordinary experiences for everyone. The future of process excellence is here.


Data-driven decision making
Process standardization
Advanced performance management
Lowered costs
Enriched Customer experience
Recognizing and resolving process bottlenecks
Optimizing inter-linked processes
More affordable, more express auditing


Understanding the pain points in the current process.
Analyzing and identifying the root causes of the issues.
Proposing innovative cost-effective solutions to overcome the issues.
Detailing plans and timelines to implement the solutions.
Implementing the solutions within the timeframes upon approval and agreement.
Continuing to provide the best services and support needed for a greater ROI for you.
Consult with us today to learn how we can help you achieve frictionless & intelligent operations, the aim of every organization and business.